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10ft Remote Control Electric Curtain Track CL200T3M


This is a great product! They came well-packed and with no missing parts. I especially like the very clear instruction manual that comes with it. As long as you follow ALL the steps, setting it up is easy. There is also a very complete video on YouTube. The rod itself is quite sturdy, unlike a lot of curtain rods. The motor is powerful. I did find that the IR remote control was a little unreliable; this may be due to the position of the IR sensor, which is on a short cable to the motor housing. Take some care in pinning this to the outside of the drape where it can see the remote's signal. I am in the process of hooking up a Z-wave relay control to the curtains to integrate them into my smart home system. The relays are less than $50. You have to wire them up to power and an RJ-11 connector. The curtain rod motor housing already has an RJ-11 jack built in to accept the external controller.
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