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Smart RF Remote 12V DC Tubular Shade Motor CL825E-0130-ES


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The 24V DC motor kit comes with power adapter, mounting hardware, remote, drive wheels, and manual. Plug and play style. No wiring job is required. It is a great choice for roller shades and blinds for single windows.

Slim design prevents sunlight from coming through from the installation gap (1/2" on each side)
Can be mounted on both ceiling and wall, or any other angled surface
Remote does not require line of sight. Works through walls or other obstructions, perfect for across rooms
Motor runs quietly and remains silent on standby
Group control to roll multiple shades up or down simultaneously
Stops at any desired position by pressing "STOP" button
No need to set up limit switch and programming upper/lower position is simple
Double hall feedback sensor for precise position
Programmed upper/lower positions will remain when power is off
Safe and reliable, designed with 24VDC power adapter
Low power consumption, easily works with a battery pack or solar panel (not included)
Operation voltage: 24VDC
Operation power: 11W
Rated Current: 450mA
Protection Class: IP44
Rated RPM: 30
Rated Torque: (1N.M)
Frequency: 433.92MHz
Working tube size: 1 1/8" (28mm) or 1 1/2" (38mm)
Maximum load with 1 1/8" tube < 15lbs (6.8Kgs)
Maximum load with 1 1/2" tube < 11lbs (5Kgs)
Package Content
One tubular motor CL825E-0130
One 1-channel RF remote
AC100-240V to the 24VDC power adapter
Mount brackets
1 1/8"(28mm) drive wheel kit 1 5/8" (38mm kit available)
Instruction booklet
Optional Accessories
MadeĀ  to order shades (contact us for shade fabric samples)
CL800-D28 (1 1/8") rods (requires 28mm drive wheel kit)
CL338T-D40 (1 5/8") rods (requires 38mm drive wheel kit)
One 6-channel RF remote
One 16-channel RF remote
Timer AC128-Timer
Note: One Motor kit can operate two or more rods when using the joiners. Contact us for custom motorized roller shade kit with attached shade fabric. We offer a wide range of light and privacy control options as well as colors and textures. Click the link to see the choices of fabric. They are at the bottom of the page.

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