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Remote Motorized Belt Drive Electric Dual Track CL200BT-Dual

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The dual track system is made from two single tracks and dual mounting brackets. Curtains and sheers can be set up and operated either independently or grouped together. Each track can be set up to open/close from left to right, right to left, or center to both sides. Motor can be mounted on the left or right side. The dual track can be mounted anywhere on the ceiling, or on the wall with adjustable off wall distances between 0.25" to 3.25" for the inner track (usually used for sheers), and between 2.5" to 5.5" for the outer track (usually used for curtains). 

This motorized curtain track system is designed for straight line windows, bay windows, 90 degree corner windows, and any customized curved windows. The CL200BT system consists of a remote, mount brackets, toothed drive belt, curtain carriers, motor, and selected size straight track. METechs has two types of standard curved track options to choose from; which option you need depends on your window setup. The curved tracks come in 90 degree and 135 degree curves with 20” (50cm) or 5"(12cm) radius. Curved track sections are not included in this kit and need to be ordered separately. The 135 degree curved track works for most bay windows and requires this straight track kit and two 135 degree sections. The 90 degree curved track works for corner window applications and requires this straight track kit and one 90 degree section.  The motor power cord is about 3ft long and is designed to be plugged into your wall outlet. The power cord may also be hard wired into your electrical system if needed.


  • Can be used for bay windows or corner windows with optional curved tracks(sold separately)
  • Automatically program fully open/close two end positions, no limited switch setup
  • Can be setup any position as favorite position (the third position)
  • Motor will intelligently continue to finish opening/closing draperies when start opening/closing draperies by hand
  • It can be operated by remote, timer, wall switch, smart phone, and any other controller with dry type contacts
  • Can be operated by hand when power is off
  • Slow start/stop; run smoothly, precisely, and ultra-quietly.
  • Overload or jam protection 


  • Operation voltage: 24VDC or 110VAC to 240VAC
  • Output power: <48W
  • Rated torque: 2n.m
  • Rated RPM: 100~120
  • Rated currency: 2.3A @ 24VDC
  • Frequency: 433.92MHz/863MHZ
  • Curtain loading chart (unit is Kgs):

Any customized size are available!

Optional Accessories

  • 135 degree curved track
  • 90 degree curved track
  • 6-channel RF remote
  • 16-channel RF remote
  • Multiple Function Timer Controller

Package Content

  • Two CL200BT motors
  • Two sets of Selected size tracks with carriers and drive belt
  • One 6-channel RF remote
  • Mounting brackets
Order tips: 
  • The track can be cut down to fit the measurements of your project, just order the next longer size track than you need. Mount hardware and remote control are included in the package; this is a ready to go kit! Curtains or drapes are not included.
  • For bay windows and corner windows, order one straight track. The straight track length should be the next longer size than the total length of your windows, and then order required curves tracks.  For example, if you have bay windows left 50, center 90, and right 50, you need order one 198” (198>190) straight track and four 135 degree curved tracks. Try to make note of bay window 50-90-50 when you place the order. 

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