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Timer for Electric Track Curtain CL338 Series


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This is a plug and play timer for our electric shade rod system.  Programming the timer is very simple. It is similar to programming a programmable thermostat. The display window in the unit shows the time and program info. The buttons on the side allow simple setting of the desired opening and closing times of the curtains or manual operation. The program can be overridden at anytime or the curtains can be manually operated using the open, close, or stop buttons on the timer. Note: it does not work with CL200 series.

  • 140 operations can be programmed for one week
  • Can be programmed 20 times per day both on open and close
  • Can be used with remote control or manual control pad
  • Auto, manual, or off mode
  • Manual operation buttons
Note: Timer is for electric track curtain CL338 series. Easy to install and program. Plug and play.

Package Content:
  • One CL338 Timer Retail Box

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